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Hi, I’m Alethea Cheng Fitzpatrick, founder of Photosanity, where we provide women’s leadership and photography coaching.

We help ambitious, mission-driven women increase their personal and professional impact as leaders without sacrificing themselves in the process.

We do this through a transformative coaching process that helps you look holistically at all areas of your life, and uses photography as a powerful tool for personal development. We show you how, through the photos you take, you can find joy, courage, and connection, and deepen your values, mission and leadership voice.

We use both written and photographic exercises as tools to shift the internal and external narratives that are not serving you. Some of the things we look at include career, work and personal relationships, family, kids, health and fitness, finances, communication, negotiation, boundaries, stress, time management, prioritization, and self-care in order to help you align to your overall mission and values, and more quickly and easily achieve your goals.

Professional Photography | Photosanity | Squarespace

At Photosanity, we seek to create collaborative, non-hierarchical, diverse and inclusive paradigms of leadership that end the zero sum game and create a better world for all.

Note: Previous photography experience is not required - only an openness and curiosity to give it a try.


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