Little known ways to make your life easier

I’ve been talking with a lot of women lately about their biggest challenges as a parent. One of the things that I’m hearing is that you really want to HAVE the photos of your kids that capture the moments that feel increasingly fleeting as they get older, but you don’t really want to TAKE them.

You might not even realize that you don’t want to take photos, but the fact is, for whatever reason, you’re just not taking as many photos as you’d like.

I’ve been thinking about why this might be. And know that it's because when you try to capture the moment, more often than not you find yourself missing the moment, or even interrupting and ruining the moment, and so you get frustrated.

But I also know that there are small practical things that get in the way.

So I've put together some simple tips that I give to parents all the time that make it easier for you to integrate photo taking into your daily life as a busy parent.