Do you love your kids but struggle to find joy day-to-day amidst the hustle and bustle of taking care of everyone else's needs?

Do you crave guilt-free time, space and focus just for yourself every now and again?

Are you super hard on yourself when everything feels out of control and like you're never doing enough, or doing it well enough?

I have been there and I'm here to help.

It is my personal mission to support women so that the world can be a better place for all.

And Photosanity's mission is to help women like you find joy and connection through photographing your kids, so you can be the best parent you can be, without sacrificing yourself in the process.

Likely you've never thought of photography as a tool for being more present, connecting with your kids, and finding more joy... but I can show you an entirely different approach to photography that aligns with your values as a parent.

I'd like to invite you to a free Photosanity consult.

  • We'll chat on the phone about your biggest challenges as well as what you most want as a parent.
  • I’ll give you your very own customized strategy for finding joy and connection through photographing your kids
  • And I'll give you three steps to put it into action.

Just request a consult below, and I'll be in touch with a link where you can schedule our call.

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