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Sibling photos week 15/52

I love myself some good light and some great treats! And Jack here is just so... Jack.

Fun photo projects for kids and a custom photo album to build baby's skills

On Mom365, I'm sharing fun indoor projects for toddlers and preschoolers and a photo album project that builds skills and confidence for babies.

Getting kids involved in at-home photo projects

If you’re finding yourself at a loss as to what to do with your kids for a few more chilly afternoons, here are some ideas for at home photo projects that involve photos or make for great photo ops. What’s more, they are a lot of fun and make great memories.

1) Photo storybook or collage

When Liam was in pre-K he had an assignment to make a collage of all his favorite things. We printed recent family photos and then we collected photos of other favorite things on Pinterest to create this collage.

Kids love seeing photos of themselves and talking about what was going on when the photos were taken, some of which they might remember and some of which might be guesses, depending on their age.

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Photo projects to build your baby's confidence

For babies and toddlers who are not quite ready to do their own art projects, Pinhole Press has great products to help you use your photos to build your baby’s confidence.

Mini book of names and faces

Pick out your favorite photos of the most important people in baby’s life and create a beautiful customized book to build skills, like talking and recognition, in a fun and meaningful way.

You will be strengthening your child’s sense of relationships and belonging while also creating a beautiful keepsake for the future.

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3 DSLR photography tips for the indoor photos you want

On Mom365, I am sharing my top 3 DSLR photography tips for great indoor photos that will have you getting creative indoors, no matter the weather outside.

1) Get out of auto

This doesn’t mean you have to shoot fully in manual. I recommend starting with Aperture Priority. This will allow you to crank your ISO up to the maximum if necessary, giving you better results indoors. If your DSLR is older, this might mean ISO 1600. Most newer DLSR will let you to ISO 3200 or 6400 or higher.

You’ll also want to open up your aperture so your camera doesn’t need as much light, which means a lower f-stop number. Your kit lens will probably go to f/4.5 or f/3.5.

See lesson 5 of the Photosanity Workshop or check out Stop Missing the Moment if you need more help learning how to do this.

2) Get a prime lens

As I mention above, your kit lens will open up to f/4.5 or f/3.5, but a prime lens could take you to f/1.8 or wider, giving you better low light capabilities.

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How to capture your favorite winter weather moments

We are deep into snow here in NYC... well, not exactly deep, after last week's snow blizzard failed to deliver on the promised 2 to 3 feet of snow, but even so, we have had several snowfalls since and it is a slushy mess out there with more to come!

In fact, I'm even considering biting the bullet and buying poor Liam some proper snow boots as he has been making do with the fireman rain boots I bought him for Halloween two years ago! Granted, they were extremely big for him then but really, no wonder the poor kid has not been keen to go out and play in the snow.

On our snow day last Tuesday I did manage to get the kids into the backyard to play. Actually, Keith enticed them out by building them an igloo, which they crawled into to eat their oatmeal cookies.

Then we turned the igloo into a hill - Sledding for People Who Are Too Lazy to go to an Actual Hill!

I have to say, the light in the backyard was absolutely gorgeous.

Here is my soon-to-be 6 year old:

And here is my newly turned 3 year old:

It is hard to tell but it was actually still snowing lightly when I took these photos. If you can get out with your camera when it is snowing, the results can be magical. Here are a few of my favorites from last year when I was able to get out during a heavier snow fall.

For capturing the moment this winter, keep in mind some of my favorite snow day photo tips and inspiration:

The 3 survival techniques you need for taking photos in the snow.

If the snow has you stuck inside, try these simple indoor photo tips, starting with get the best from the light you have for the photos you want.

And my bonus tip for today: take snow photos in your backyard or in front of your home so when everyone is cold and cranky you can just pop back inside!

Stay warm and safe and have a great day.

Capturing the moment with make your own cards (sibling photos week 24/52)

Last weekend we went away to the Poconos for a couple of nights. One of the things I like to do when we go away is go outside with the kids when they wake up early, something that, for some reason just doesn't occur to me when we are at home, even though in theory it is not any harder to do so!

I suppose that when you are all in one hotel suite there is an incentive to get the awake people out of there as quickly as possible so as not to wake up the still sleeping people which, in the case of Father's Day, was Keith!

Plus I had an ulterior motive - Father's Day cards! I had already packed a bag the night before and scoped out the arts and crafts room so there we headed on Sunday morning at around 6am, Jack still in his PJs, and the kids made cards for all the fathers we were with that day. Jack's expression here is priceless! Yup, this was how I discovered that he can now write "J" and use scissors!

Happy Belated Father's Day!

Photo tip

Art activities are great for photos because your kids will be a) still (mostly) and b) engrossed in something other than you taking photos.

If you know you are going to be taking photos, set the activity up accordingly. For example, I scoped out the art room and chose a counter near the windows where I could maximize the light. I kept the artificial lights off, then seriously cranked my ISO so I could shoot at f4 to get Liam a little less blurred in the background. Yes, the photo is grainy, but it captures the moment.

Get more tips on shooting in low light and capturing natural moments with your kids in my Stop Missing the Moment Workshop online!

Create a photo-friendly nursery - my tips on Mom365

This week on Mom365 I am sharing my tips for creating a photo-friendly nursery.

Chances are that you probably haven't thought about creating a photo-friendly nursery... but don't worry, it doesn't mean that you have to set up a photo studio in your home.

With just a few considerations, you can maximize your home for not only the best photos but the best environment for you and your baby.

1) Pick the room with the best natural light

Observe your home at different times of day and notice where the best natural light is...

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