A couple of days ago, I asked you what you most wanted as a parent, and what your biggest frustration with photographing your kids is (if you didn’t fill out my quick poll, you can still do so here.

Yesterday, I explained how the two are linked - how I have found that your camera can be a surprisingly powerful catalyst for creating more of what you want in your life as a parent.

I talked about the role that photography likely plays in your life right now (that creates the opposite effect to what you desire) and how photography helps me be more present, connect with my kids, and know that my kids are self-confident and happy, amongst many other things.

But I know that you may not feel like you can do the same, given that you are not a photographer and you don’t feel that you have that same “creative eye."

I know that you’ve got this.

I know that you’ve got this, because I know that you are an amazing parent, even if it doesn’t always feel like it.

I know that you care deeply and passionately about doing the right thing for your kids and your family, even if you’re not always sure what that looks like.

I know that you are putting your all into parenthood and life.

And I know that you are already present with your kids, connecting with them and helping them to build their confidence and sense of self as they navigate the world.

I know that you already have more moments with them than you realize that are worth capturing and remembering, and that you are already creating amazing experiences and memories for them as they go through childhood.

You are doing exactly what you need to be doing.

And you are enough.

What I want to show you is how you can use photography to leverage all that you are already doing, and to give you visible, tangible validation for it.

And I know you can do it because I have helped hundreds of other parents like you achieve results that have surprised and amazed even me!

Take Photosanity parent Andrea Rizvi, who took the very first Photosanity workshop five years ago, but has been looking for new inspiration now that her four boys are teenagers. 

I spoke with her recently about how, thanks to the first Photosanity workshop, she’s been able to take beautiful natural portraits of her boys with her DSLR, but that she’s been frustrated with the “snapshots” she takes on her iPhone that don’t seem to nail the emotion of the moment. 

She also said she was struggling to capture spontaneous everyday moments with her boys now that, as teenagers, they are much more self-conscious in front of the camera than they were when they were younger.

After just a couple of weeks in our new program, The Photosanity Essentials (previously the 30 Day Challenge), Andrea reported the following:

"Photographing my boys helped me more present - something that I struggle with when there are so many things to juggle. It was a crazy work week but taking the time to stop and capture pics helped me to focus on my kids.  Trying to capture their emotions also made me more attune to what they were feeling."

Here are some of the photos and observations she shared:

"I call this photo the "Rizvi YouTube huddle". I love the intensity of the photo as my boys huddle around their Dad to share some funny video. This is a regular feature of our Saturday mornings when Abid takes the time to discuss the different events that have happened during the week in US and elsewhere. I even love that one of my sons opts out and does his own thing. It just feels like a very natural and true moment. I want to remember the communication and learning that this photo shows."

"My youngest is very expressive. This photo was taken on his first day of second grade. Can you tell he wasn't very excited?:). I love the pensiveness this photo captures. Using the lessons this week I decided to depart from my normal 'say cheese' first day of school photo. And I love the result which is a much more honest and real visual of this memory. I also love what happened after the photo - he bravely marched to school, had a great day and came home with a huge smile:)"

A couple of weeks later, she reflected:

"I traveled with work this week and weekend so getting time to photo my kids was hard.  I had to rely on captured moments indoors but was ultimately surprised how many I found.   Looking forward to getting outdoors a bit more next week.  I do feel like I did have a breakthrough this week on capturing the moment.  And feel really good about how this process is helping me focus on the joy.  Thanks Alethea."

"Ryan and Zak sat down for a late after soccer dinner. As always Shea the dog positioned herself for any falling debris. I was sitting on the sofa watching them engrossed in their conversation. This is such an everyday moment in our house but one that I was delighted to capture. I think I am really starting to understand what you mean by capturing the moment Alethea! Though the original pic was not great I was able to improve through brightness and black and white editing."

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