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I've been having the most amazing conversations lately, and I am feeling very very grateful for the people I know and the work that I get to do, not just now but throughout my life, both personally and professionally.

Some of you are reading this, some of you are not, but I am really sinking into that feeling of gratitude right now.

I am honored and privileged to have been in incredible company throughout all phases of my life, and I try not to take this for granted. This feels especially important, meaningful and helpful now as, like many, I continue to struggle to process the US election and the still developing outcomes.

I had one such conversation earlier this week with a longtime Photosanity parent who told me that sometimes she reads my emails and they are exactly what she needs to hear at that time. She said she thinks about writing back but never has, but that I should know that my emails matter.  

Then it turns out that she works at a company that one of the architecture firms I worked for designed the interiors for over ten years ago. I can't take any credit, although I was part of winning the project for the firm, and worked on it briefly before leaving that firm. She said that one of the reasons she is still at that job is because the space is so beautiful, and she feels like she will never work in a space so beautiful again.

I almost started crying. I'm almost crying now as I write about this.

Because I know the blood, sweat, and tears that go into a corporate headquarters project. And I know the blood, sweat, and tears that go into starting your own photography coaching business. 

And above all, I know the blood, sweat, and tears that go into being a parent.

I know how hard you're working and how little thanks you're getting. I know how often it feels like you're pouring all this heart and energy into something, and it is going nowhere. I know how discouraging it can feel, and I know that you get up every day and do it again anyway.

And I know you're scared.

I know you're scared that what you're doing isn't enough. I know you're scared of disappointing people. I know you're scared of failing.

The fact is, what you do matters.

What you do matters (audio & text blog post)

What you do in every arena matters so much more than you realize, and to so many more people than you ever hear from.

I know that this is true about you.

I see your hard work.

I see you.

And I thank you.

And PS - if what I just wrote matters to you, don't write back and thank me, but instead look around and thank someone else in your life that is doing something that matters to you too.