I know what it’s like to feel that your busy life keeps you from getting to what matters most to you.

I know that likely you are juggling a million different things - not just parenting, but a career (yours and/or your spouse’s), your relationship, as well as your household and community responsibilities, not to mention relationships with extended family and friends and any other commitments you have.

Likely you’re feeling forced to drop the ball in one or more of these areas, and it stresses you out to feel that you are not living up to your own standards.

It feels impossible to get everything done, and it feels like a losing battle to try and prioritize so many things that are important to you. Sometimes it feels like an enormous feat just to get everyone out the door more or less intact and with everything that everyone needs - and sometimes you fail at that too (I know I do - please tell me I’m not the only one!)

I know that likely you could use a lot more support, both on a personal level and at a systemic level. Family friendly work environments? Flexible and reasonable hours? High quality and reliable child care? Equal pay?

You don’t want to worry that your career is jeopardizing your family, and you don’t want to worry that your family is jeopardizing your career - and yet, especially as women, we worry about both all the time.

Am I spending too much time at work? Should I have stayed home with my kids longer? Have I stayed home with my kids for too long? How do I dial up? How do I dial back? How do I make the right decision?

As a mom of two boys, now 7 and 4, I've been a stay-at-home mom, work-out-of-the-home mom, and a work-at-home mom. I understand the stress and anxiety of modern day parenting.

I also know that the joy and rewards can be great.

Parenting is hard, but what I’ve discovered is that photography can be a surprisingly powerful catalyst for creating the life that you want for your family.

But first, let me ask you, what IS it that you most want as a parent?

I posed this question a couple of months ago and have received over 100 responses. The results have been fascinating, but before I tell you what I have found - not just from this poll but from my own experience as a mom as well as from talking to and working with hundreds of parents over the past few years - fill out this quick poll to tell me what YOU most want as a parent, and what your biggest frustration with photographing your kids is. I’ll be back tomorrow to explain how they are connected.

Fill out the poll now.