We’ve been wrapping up 7 days to finding joy though photographing your kids (even if you’re having the worst day) and on Monday I went live on FB to do an epic recap of each day’s challenge and some of my findings.

If you didn’t get a chance to join in on the challenge, this is a great 45-minute 7-days-in-a-nutshell recap, and if you prefer listening to watching or reading, you certainly can go audio only for most of the broadcast (although I do go on camera with my Timeshel prints and Rag and Bone Bindery albums and show MySocialBook and Chatbooks albums too).

And wow, what an incredible honor and privilege it has been, as always, to walk alongside the women who participated and shared with us their struggles and challenges as well as their hopes and aspirations, and what is currently bringing them joy.

What is always remarkable to me is that between day one where we describe what is getting between us and joy, and the end of the challenge where we share photos of what is bringing us joy, not much has changed as far as the circumstances in our lives… but our perspective has shifted.

We stretched the process out over seven days, but this can happen daily, or in any given moment.

And the power and freedom and joy of that process is something that I want for all of you.

I know that may seem easier said than done.

And I know that when you feel so overwhelmed and stressed out by everything you have on your plate and all the things you’re behind on, it’s hard to think about taking on something new.

That’s why I created Photosanity Basics.

This is a self-guided online class for people who don’t have time to take classes! 

It's easy to follow on your own schedule in just a few minutes per week, but there's also built in accountability and support

And the concepts are deceptively simple and easy to integrate but remarkably powerful.

  • You CAN feel more patient, more present, and more connected.
  • You CAN slow down, enjoy the process, and know that you’re doing a good job.
  • You CAN find your voice and develop your perspective within motherhood, so you don’t feel like you’re losing yourself.

And I’ll show you how, using photography as the best and easiest way I know to do this.

It’s not the way photography is typically taught, or how you might experience photography right now.

But it’s simple, it’s easy, and it will bring you and your family so much joy.

Check out the details here.