I just wanted to write a quick note to wish you and your family the very happiest of holidays!

I also want to say that I know how much work the holidays can be, especially if the pressure is on to create a magical and memorable experience for your kids and to make sure everyone else in your life is taken care of too.

I know how much hard work, heart, soul, passion, energy, and patience you devote to others, not just at this time of the year but year round.

I SEE and APPRECIATE all that you do.

And the gift that I want most of all for you in this coming year is to see and appreciate all that you do too.

We can be the supportive mother, wife, friend, co-worker, daughter, niece, aunt, sister, or even stranger to others… but it can be so hard to turn that same love and support inwards to ourselves.

We give and we give and we give and it can be bitterly disappointing if we don’t receive the validation and appreciation we know we deserve in return.

I hear so often from women that they don’t feel appreciated. That is not ok.

But if we are to ask for appreciation, we must first give it to ourselves.

No matter what holiday you celebrate, and no matter what time of year, don’t look outside of yourself for appreciation - look within.

Women are going to save the world… but first, we have to save ourselves.

Wishing you a happy holiday.