It's been a while since I've blogged. As you may know, I am no longer actively growing Photosanity as a business. Out of Photosanity and my work with so many moms in particular, I moved into women's leadership coaching and have now fully embraced diversity, equity and inclusion in a professional capacity (see for more). This doesn't mean I'm not still passionate about photographing my kids and everything that Photosanity stood and still stands for.

Which is why I wanted to tell you about a recent discovery that has instantly changed how I am managing and editing my iPhone photos, and that is: 

The new Lightroom CC 

Now, if you never used Lightroom before because it seemed too complicated and overwhelming, or you didn't need to because you really only use your phone to take photos... stay with me for a moment!

The new Lightroom CC is actually an almost entirely new app that has little to do with the old Lightroom which is now called Lightroom Classic CC (I know, way to make it confusing Adobe!)

(And by "new" I mean about a year old - I have to admit that I hadn't been paying attention to these developments. If you want to understand more about the difference between Lightroom CC and Lightroom Classic CC, this is a pretty good article.)

Lightroom CC is designed to give you a more seamless experience across mobile (IOS or Android) and desktop (Mac or PC) devices, and in fact, is more of a competitor for Apple Photos than anything else.

And that's the great news - it's way better than Photos! 

It's also way better than the old Lightroom mobile app, which I was excited about for a short while but quickly ran into issues with syncing, and so I stopped using it. I also, to be honest, never found a great way to get my iPhone photos into the old Lightroom without manually importing them. I've been using Photos for my iPhone photos as a stop gap measure but I have now switched to Lightroom CC. You can have your camera roll automatically import into Lightroom on your phone, or you can take photos from within Lightroom.

And then within Lightroom on your phone, you can do things like rate and flag your photos (rather than the more limited "favorite" feature on Photos). You can also copy edits from one photo to the next, making it much easier to batch edit photos right on your phone.

You can also create or purchase editing presets. I have not actually ever found the need to use presets in Lightroom for my DSLR photos, preferring to custom edit myself. However, I saw a FB ad for some great mobile presets I was intrigued - and this was actually the reason I ended up looking into all this in the first place!  

The idea of one touch presets specifically designed for mobile photos was very appealing, so after checking out the new Lightroom CC to see if it would work for me, I ended up purchasing the presets that I saw - the Light and Airy Lifestyle Mobile Presets. You can even use code BEMINE to get 10% off!

Even if you don't buy any presets, Lightroom CC comes preloaded with some pretty great presets and profiles (think filters). 

I've been enjoying doing some rare photo-geeking - here are some of the photos I've been playing around with!

Photo Feb 18, 4 16 39 PM.jpg
Photo Feb 18, 4 18 37 PM.jpg
Photo Feb 18, 4 23 07 PM.jpg
Photo Feb 18, 4 30 28 PM.jpg
Photo Feb 18, 4 17 54 PM.jpg
Photo Feb 18, 4 29 17 PM.jpg

I used the L&A Presets as a starting point for all these photos and then did some additional tweaks for most of them.

Got any questions? Feel free to reach out. Photography will always be a passion of mine and I still enjoying sharing tips with others too.