The non-stop barrage of controversy, tragedy, terrorism, hate, corruption, bigotry and oppression notwithstanding, things have been busy here at Photosanity. 

You may have seen my previous posts about the 5 myths of women’s leadership and how to bust through them. I wrote them, and they currently exist as a series of emails, but when I finished writing them, I realized that what I have is the first draft of a book. So yes - I accidentally wrote a book! 

I haven’t made any definite plans for publication yet, but for now, if you haven’t already done so, you can sign up for the series here.

Writing this series has been quite an incredible experience. One of the things I learned from my Gaia Project coach training is how I can end the zero sum game in my own life and take a more holistic approach that seeks to find synergies between different parts of my life that benefit the whole.

I can see where my years of experience working with corporate clients on workplace strategy and architecture projects is going to come back into play.

I’m seeing how some of the principles I’ve learned as an entrepreneur are super helpful as I launch some volunteer initiatives at my kids’ school.

And I was at a management virtual conference where all I could think was how what I was learning was directly applicable to parenting!

Most significantly, I’m realizing that some of the recent personal work I’ve been doing on diversity, equity, inclusion, and specifically race, are the natural extension of my work with women’s leadership. I don’t believe you can be an effective leader today without understanding how all of these issues are interrelated. 


One of my own biggest takeaways from writing the myth’s series is how committed I am to ending the zero sum game. 

It's what Brene Brown talked about in her FB live about Charlottesville as "power with" rather than "power over." "Power over" is finite and "power with" is infinite.

“Power with” is inclusive and benefits everyone rather than a select few.

For more details on how all of this is coming together, check out our new about page.