We talked last week about how it’s totally fine if you just want to use your iPhone to take photos. However, your DSLR still offers some significant advantages when it comes to really being in the moment and capturing it in a way that best reflects how you experienced it

If you missed it, don’t forget to grab our “get out of auto” cheatsheet to get started. You’ll need this in order to use “shallow depth of field,” where the subject is in focus, and the background is blurry. THIS is what will make it worth carrying your DSLR around with you.

Along with the best camera bag for moms that I talked about last week, there’s one other piece to the puzzle that makes camera-toting life so much easier as a mom, and that is the camera strap.

Your typical camera strap has your camera dangling around your neck, hanging in front of you, and making it pretty much impossible to bend down and pick up a small child without bopping them on the head with it. 

Your camera becomes yet one other thing to manage when you already feel like you don’t have enough hands as it is.

But there’s an easy fix for this! 

Look for a camera strap that goes cross body and keeps your camera behind you at your hips when you’re not using it.

A strap like this will leave you free to bend down and tend to scraped knees and nose wiping without being encumbered. 

I have had the BlackRapid Women’s Camera Strap for years now, but there are many other options available too. Most memorably, one summer at the beach, this strap made it easy for me to photograph my older son Liam, who was four at the time, while carrying my younger son Jack, who at 18 months, absolutely refused to put his feet in the sand! 

My only note of caution is, when you’re using a strap that attaches by screwing into the bottom of your camera, make sure you keep it screwed in tightly, and you double check it periodically to make sure it isn’t coming loose.

Other than that, I can’t recommend a strap like this highly enough - give it a try! 

And if you’d like more support either learning how to use your DSLR or getting re-acquainted with it after falling out of the habit of using it, I offer free discovery sessions where we can chat about your biggest frustrations and talk about how I can help you. Apply for a free discovery session now.