I’ve been watching the results of my poll from a couple of days ago roll in with great interest.

Thank you so much for sharing with me what it is you most want as a parent. It has really been an honor to be entrusted with this information. I have a table set up to automatically populate with the results and I just love seeing each response come in. It feels good to see so many parents raise their hand and say yes, this is what I want. We don’t really get to do that much, do we?

And if you didn’t fill out the poll yet, it’s not too late - it will take you less than 1 minute.

As promised, I am back to share the results with you and explain what this has to do with photographing your kids.

First of all, the results.

As of right now, what the most respondents to this poll most want as a parent is:

To know that your kids are self-confident and happy

This core parental desire has pretty much been the front runner consistently throughout the survey, and actually, it was the front runner in the earlier more informal polling I did too.

Of course, my results are not necessarily a reflection of what parents in general want but my intention is not to do a comprehensive study, but rather to understand what YOU my audience want.

What does this have to do with photographing your kids?

What photographing your kids has to do with what you most want as a parent

Well, what I have come to realize, in thinking about my own experiences as a parent as well as the hundreds of other parents who have worked with me, is that photographing your kids can help you create everything on this list.

Photographing your kids can help you:

  • Be more present
  • Feel less stressed
  • Find more joy day-to-day
  • Connect with your kids
  • Have more time for yourself
  • Know that your kids are self-confident and happy
  • Have confidence yourself that you are doing a good job
  • Have a community of support
  • Feel recognized and appreciated for all that you do
  • Know that your kids know how much you love them

Now obviously, it’s not that you can take out your camera and magically achieve these things.

But when you shift your perspective on how you approach photographing your kids, photography can become a powerful tool for creating the life that you want for yourself and your family.

What exactly is that shift in perspective?

Well it’s not really one shift, but a series of small shifts that can result in photography having an entirely different role in your life as a parent.

The very first shift in perspective when photographing your kids is to focus on how it feels, not how it looks, which may sound counter-intuitive for something so visual as photography. But think about what it is that you want to remember as a parent - it’s how it feels. And how it looks is important because it helps you to remember how it feels.

Tomorrow I will share with you three very specific steps that you can take to start using photography to help you know that your kids are self-confident and happy… and to help you achieve many of the other things you want as a parent as well.