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If you're not sure about signing up, here's what some of our past participants said they liked most about the challenge:

Moment captured by Photosanity challenge participant Alicia Moss.

I like that it made me look for something specific and loved the interaction on FB with everyone... great seeing other people's pics and struggles. - Brigitte Hradsky

I loved the community and feedback most of all. I also liked being guided in different things to look for on a daily basis. - Alex Dispenza

The direct easy to implement ideas every day. - Kim Gabriel

I loved the daily topics and the beautiful PDFs that let us into Alethea's mind. I loved the challenge to post, and the interaction between participants was great. - Alicia Moss

Everything. The PDF's, the sharing on FB, Alethea's supportive and constructive comments. I loved how Alethea went one baby step at a time and didn't give us too many tips at once. One tiny thing a day. Brilliant. - Jill Barshay Giskan

The commitment and the community...and Alethea's objectivity. Her insight was enlightening. - Jessica Silver

Moment captured by Photosanity challenge participant Sarah Kaufman

The PDFs were great--helpful and easy to read, and Alethea's comments on my photos were also helpful because she guided me to make additional subtle tweaks that improved the photos. The way the PDF challenges also encouraged better parenting (be engaged, looking for your kids doing what they love, respect the full range of emotions, focus on how it feels) was very helpful, too. - Tobie Barton

I loved the daily challenges, they were so interesting and simple. I liked seeing other people's pics too. - Sarah Kaufman

Each day was different. The tasks and advice you gave were awesome. Now there's more meaning to the photos rather than oh this was taken at this place or that place. Every picture tells its own story about "them" rather than about an actual place where it was taken. - Alicia Paurini-Afuie

The structure and incentive to take pictures everyday. - Marcee Harris

Moment captured by Photosanity challenge participant AJ Frenzel

Simple assignments to practice one element at a time. - Elizabeth Dundon

I liked that the goal for each daily challenge was summed up in a few words that I could learn from. Each day's lesson was clear from the title and I could get more details, tips, and examples from the daily PDF. I thought it was great. Perfect doable size that I could jump into without considering if this is really the right time for me to start something new. Just do it! - AJ Frenzel

Immediately seeing an improvement in my photos. - Tamsin Breare

Looked forward to reading the next day's assignment. Alethea, your quips and tips made me actually want to be a better photographer but even more, a better mom!! - Heather Maloy

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