Last week I talked about using photography to connect with your kids and be more in the moment with them.

Photographing your child can be a meaningful rather than a utilitarian endeavor.

Your camera can change how you experience a moment, not just help you capture it.

Yet most photography courses take the opposite approach.

A typical photography course might start out with a review of your camera and all of its features. Next might come a discussion about the exposure triangle and what aperture, f-stop and shutter speed are. Likely you could also expect discussion on lighting, composition, focusing, and metering as well as workflow and shooting modes. Or maybe a more creatively oriented course will talk about artistry, finding your voice and developing a photographic vision.

Yes, some of these courses are geared specifically to parents.

But what I've found is that even those courses that are geared specifically to parents still take a very similar approach and follow a similar curriculum to any traditional photography course that focuses on a technical and creative approach. They will talk about “thinking like a photographer” or “shooting like a pro."

I'm not saying there is anything wrong with these courses... but I have an inkling that these courses are not for you, otherwise you wouldn't be here.

In fact, I suspect that you're here because you fall into one of three camps.

1) You tried it.

You've taken photography courses like the one described above and the information just didn't "stick" (many of my clients have told me this) - the course was too abstract and technical and no one showed you how to apply it to your situation or needs as a parent photographing your kids.

2) You don't want to try it.

Those photography courses don't appeal to you because you don't want to learn all this technical stuff to become a “photographer" - you just want to better capture the moments with your kids (besides which, who has time to learn another skill?!)

3) It never even occurred to you to try it.

Why would you take one of those photography classes when you don't even have a "proper camera”?! And yet you do find yourself taking lots of photos of your kids on your smartphone and wishing that more of them came out better.

Those courses will teach you how to photograph kids, but they won't show you how to use photography to support what you want most as a parent.

  • They won't show you how to use your camera to connect with your child.
  • They won't show how you can be present and find joy daily through photographing your kids.
  • They won’t show you how you can see, through your own photos, that your kids are self-confident and happy.
See, through your own photos, that your kids are self-confident and happy.

And it all starts with 7 days to better photos of your kids - a free challenge that will change your concept of what photographing your kids and do for you.

Moment captured by Photosanity parent Heather Maloy

Said Photosanity challenge participant Heather Maloy:

Thank you SO much for this 7 day challenge. It's been so much fun, reinvigorating and I'm so grateful for the work you put into it. The materials are SO BEAUTIFUL and the quotes and moments you share are so touching. Seriously - who cries when reading an online photo tutorial?! ME! Thanks for all your hard work. What a gift you have and have given!

So the question is, do you want to learn a new skill or do you want to enhance your experience as a parent?

Do you need more information, or do you want to find more joy and connection in your everyday moments with your kids?

Do you want to take a class, or do you want to join a community of like minded parents you can share your experiences, struggles and triumphs with?

The next 7 day challenge starts on June 27th and registration is officially open - the challenge is free and all you need to do to sign up is submit your name and email address and we will contact you with more information.

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