You love photographing your kids, but are you frustrated with the results?

How many times has this happened to you?

  • You see a moment that you want to capture, but the photos you take don’t reflect the beauty and the emotions of that moment.
  • Your photos are blurry, the lighting is bad, and in taking your camera out, the moment was ruined anyway as your kids either posed, reached for the camera, or made a face.
  • Instead of reliving the moment you wanted to capture, all you feel is disappointment.

You don’t want to become a photographer. You’re doing too many things already, and learning another skill, especially one that you don’t feel you have any “natural talent” for… well, let’s be realistic, it just isn’t going to happen.

All you want to do is be able to capture the moment - the amazing, beautiful moments with your amazing, beautiful kids.

You want photos that bring a smile to your face and help you remember this time in your life.

You want photos that reflect everything you love about your kids.

You want photos that make you feel good.

Here's what I want you to know:

  • You CAN capture the beauty of the moment before you.
  • Your camera CAN bring you closer to your child.
  • You CAN take a photo of your child that makes you feel amazing.

When you use photography in support of your parenting experience, you can find more joy, delight and confidence daily.

It’s not about becoming a professional photographer.

It’s about using photography to get more out of your experience as a parent - to find your voice, become more connected to your child, be more in the moment, and to tell the story of your family’s life, now and for years to come.


7 days to better photos of your kids

in 10 minutes a day or less

using just your smartphone

As a busy mom to two young boys myself, I know what it takes to capture the moments with your kids in photos that reflect the beauty and love you experienced at the time. Amazing photos of your kids that reflect how it feels are well within your reach, but I’ve heard from so many parents who struggle with this.

So I have created a free 7 day challenge that will shift your perspective and get you feeling better about your photos in just 10 minutes a day or less.

The free 7 day challenge includes:

  • 7 daily challenges in beautiful PDF format emailed to you each day for 7 days - read them on your smartphone in just a few minutes while you are on the go
  • Each challenge includes a tip that you can apply that day as you go about your normal routines with your kids - all you need is your smartphone (I love the photos I take on my iPhone!)
  • Direct access to me and other challenge participants via our private Facebook group. Join us to post questions and share your daily photo. (This is optional but highly recommended - past Photosanity parents raved about our Facebook groups where you can find a community of like-minded parents)

In 7 days, we will shift your focus to how it feels, not how it looks so that you:

  • feel better about the photos you take on your smartphone
  • have an expanded idea of the moments that are worth capturing daily
  • have an increased appreciation for the moments you’re already living
  • feel better as a parent as a result of your experience photographing your kids.

5/14/17 update: This challenge is no longer available but check out our new challenge: 7 days to finding joy through photographing your kids.


Who is this challenge for?

This is for any parent who would like to take better photos and get more out of their experience photographing their kids.

Do I need any special equipment?

All you need is your smartphone - I love photographing my kids daily on my iPhone. The tips are also applicable to any camera, including a DSLR.

Is this challenge for beginners?

Yes! But even professional photographers have found inspiration in the Photosanity perspective, so past Photosanity parents and more experienced photographers are absolutely welcome too. I plan on participating in the course alongside everyone else and look forward to the inspiration I know I will gain.

I’m a working parent with very little time daily with my kids - will this course work for me?

Yes! This course will help you leverage the time you have with your kids daily, even if it is only a few minutes.

I’ve already taken all the Photosanity workshops and worked with you one-on-one - is this for me?

Yes, absolutely, I would love to have you join us! While you will recognize many of the core Photosanity concepts, the content and format is new and is applicable wherever you are in your journey to Photosanity. This is also a great time to introduce Photosanity to new friends!

I already took the challenge before, can I take it again?

Yes, you are more than welcome to take the challenge again. You may find that you get something different out of it this time.

My kids are a little older - is that ok?

Absolutely. While Photosanity is geared towards parents with younger children (from newborn to elementary), we have had parents with tweens and teens join us in past workshops, and all of the 7 day tips are applicable. And stay tuned - over the next year or so, we will be developing new content that speaks to the needs of parents with older kids (tweens and teens).

I’m really busy right now, can I take the course later?

If all goes well, I plan on repeating this challenge, so the answer should be yes. But seeing as it is free, you can sign up now, take the challenge multiple times, and participate more deeply in future sessions. The challenge is designed to fit into your busy lifestyle and take up very little time, so you might be surprised at what you get out of it now.

I’m not on Facebook and I don’t want to join or share my photos there.

That is totally fine. You can still get a lot out of the challenge if you do it by yourself. However, it is likely you’ll get more out of it if you join the group. Note that the Facebook group is completely private and only accessible to other Photosanity parents who sign up.

Can I sign up with my friends?

Absolutely! I’ve had groups of friends take my workshops in the past and it is great. Invite your friends to participate with you - you’ll actually get more out of it if you sign up with friends.

If you have any other questions or concerns, feel free to get in touch with me.

I’m looking forward to helping you shift your perspective and get more out of your photos - and your moments with your children.

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About Alethea

Alethea Cheng Fitzpatrick is a family photographer, a photography coach for parents and the founder of Photosanity. Alethea helps parents find more joy, delight and confidence in their day-to-day parenting experience through photography. Born and brought up in the UK, Alethea lives in Brooklyn with her husband and her two sons, Liam, age 7, and Jack, age 4.

Alethea has taught workshops at the Apple Store, Brooklyn Baby Expo, Brooklyn Babybites (now Mommybites) and online through and other platforms. She has been interviewed on 1010WINS and featured in The Daily Mail, Cool Mom Picks, Apartment Therapy, Ask Moxie and Mom365.