Last week I talked about focusing on how it feels, not how it looks and the joy and confidence that can result daily from doing so. I also talked about the unexpected benefits of this shift in approach - the less tangible "non-visual" results of using photography to support your experience as a parent.

Today I want to take a moment to look some of the things that might be getting in the way.

Take, for example, one of my clients, Sara Grundel. When Sara first came to me, I asked what her biggest frustrations were with her photos.

First she spoke about how overwhelmed and frustrated she felt - she had taken tons of photos, yet most of them were, to use her words, “very bad.”

As I reviewed Sara’s photos, I could see that she was taking a LOT of photos while leading an active and busy life with two little ones (13 and 27 months at the time), but she was struggling with the same handful of issues in almost every photo. The joy in those moments shone through, but so did her frustration. She was trying many different approaches, indoors, outdoors, in the light, in the shade, posed, candid. She wasn’t happy with the results but she didn’t know what else to try.

Sara was also frustrated because she felt that, with a full time job, she had so little time with her kids as it was, let alone time to photograph them.

Most of Sara’s photos at the time were taken on her iPhone or point-and-shoot camera because she found the auto setting on her DLSR to be less than satisfactory, but she couldn’t figure out how to properly use any of the other settings. She felt like she really needed help with the technical aspects of her camera, but she also needed suggestions on how to fit photography into her busy life with two kids who were constantly running around.

She really wanted to have good, well-organized photos to document her children as they grew up, with the best photos printed to decorate her home and in albums to enjoy whenever she wanted.

I've worked with hundreds of parents, and I've heard these same frustrations over and over.

It's why I founded Photosanity in the first place - because I want everyone to experience the joy and delight that I get daily from photographing my kids. I believe that everyone can do this. You don't have to be "artistic" or "creative." You don't have to have tons of time to learn a new skill. You don't even have to use your DSLR to start getting more satisfaction out of your photos!

I loved working with Sara because even after our first coaching session, her photos transformed dramatically:

By the time she had completed five sessions plus my 12 week workshop, she was taking DSLR photos like these:

To be honest, when I started Photosanity, I never imagined that I would help parents get these kinds of results. Not only did Sara end up able to capture beautiful moments with her family, she made a printed album for each of her kids and a stunning wall gallery for their home.

Page layouts from Sara’s albums

Sara's wall gallery

What do you need to break through your frustrations?

  • You need to start with realistic, easy to understand, non-technical tips that you can apply right away using the camera that you have with you most - your iPhone.
  • You need content delivered in manageable pieces that speaks directly to your frustrations so you don’t have to search through tons of information to find what you want to learn.
  • You need an approach tailored specifically to your life and your needs as a parent, rather than training to become a professional photographer.
  • You need quick photo assignments you can accomplish in a few minutes as part of your daily routine and without requiring your children’s cooperation.
  • You need a coach who will help you figure out what you want and how to achieve it, and who will motivate, inspire and encourage you to keep trying.
  • You need a community of like-minded parents who will support and cheer you on as you do the same for them.

If you'd like to find out more about working with me so you can get results like Sarah did, sign up for a complimentary discovery session and we'll chat more about what you need.

Or if you're not ready for a discovery session, join us for 7 days to finding joy through photographing your kids (even if you're having the worst day) - it's online and free!