New York has been in a state of euphoria over "not 14F" temperatures. We even had a day last week with temperatures in the low 60s - no coats!

Before we jump fully into spring though, I do have to share some last snow storm photos... from March 1st!

As tired as we all became of the snow this year, it has to be said that it does provide great photo opportunities, especially if you can take photos while it is snowing. The opportunity came up while we were at my sister-in-law's house and, tricky as it was with the snow coming down pretty heavily, I had a lot of fun capturing some action shots.

Jack had fun but was very serious about the whole thing.

Liam on the other hand let loose and enjoyed a snowball fight with his older cousin a friend.

That wasn't even the last snowstorm we had but hopefully we are done now. Bring it on spring!