Classroom Valentines

Every year at the preschool my older son used to attend and my younger son now attends, they do a Valentine’s Day card swap. The kids make their own Valentine’s Day mailbox out of a Kleenex box and they love it!

The Valentine’s Day cards don’t have to be handmade, but they usually are. And they don’t have to be photo cards, but we enjoy creating them together.

Photo cards are a great way to get kids involved in Valentine’s Day, to give them a project they can be proud of, and to create something special that their friends will treasure.

I try to come up with a simple concept that the kids can easily help with and the making of the cards is a great photo op!

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Valentine's Day Gifts for Grandparents

Didn't quite get it together to make photo holiday gifts for grandparents?

Don't worry, you have a second chance. How about Valentine's Day photo gifts?

On Mom365 I am sharing 5 simple ideas for Valentine's Day gifts for grandparents.

1) A framed photo

It is simple and easy to send grandparents a framed photo for Valentine's Day, especially if you order through Mpix.

With Mpix, you can upload your photo and order it to come framed. If grandma and grandpa do not live near you, you can even have your framed photo shipped directly to them, for a Valentine that will arrive at their door.

Get my complete list of photo gift ideas for grandparents, perfect for Valentine's Day or any holiday, on Mom365.