The playground on a cloudy day... a photographer's paradise! Ok so it is not the most glamorous or beautiful of locations, but, as I have shared before, the playground offers many photographic opportunities to capture your kids in their element.

One of the things I love about the summer is the long evenings of daylight and being able to take the kids to the playground between dinner and bed for one last expenditure of energy.

Of course, actually getting two active siblings in the same frame as each other can be a challenge, but what is the saying? "Good things come to those that wait."

I waited, and I captured this moment, totally un-posed, and lasting only for a split second before they were off again.

Photo tip

Photographing kids is kind of like photographing animals on safari. Ok, I have never been on safari but I imagine it to be similar - you have no control over your subjects and you just have to watch and wait!

Alright so maybe you have (slightly) more control over your kids than that. They can be posed. But I find it so much more rewarding as a mom and a photographer to (mostly) leave them be and capture what unfolds. Try it!