For a couple of weeks in a row now, I've started a new summer tradition with the boys... stopping by Brooklyn Flea to enjoy the most delicious ice pops in the world from People's Pops.

I first discovered these pops three years ago at the High Line but to tell the truth, in all the craziness of, you know, having a second child, I completely forgot my vow at that time to visit them at Brooklyn Flea until this summer.

But seriously, they really are the most delicious ice pops in the universe and now my boys love them too. I love how Jack is looking at Liam in this photo trying to figure out exactly what to do with his pop. The first time he just licked it and it ended up a dripping mess, but he has now learned to take bites out of it like a pro.

Photo tip

Stand back and capture the environment surrounding your kids as part of the story of their life.

And eat ice pops.