One of my favorite things about Brooklyn is Prospect Park. It's about a 20 minute walk from our house and I spent a lot of time there with Liam during his first summer. I still remember the first time I made that walk with him after my c-section and how, as I stepped through that tunnel into the wide vista of grass and trees so carefully designed by Frederick Law Olmsted over 100 years ago, it felt like my life was opening up again after a long winter of being either heavily pregnant or recovering from major surgery.

Special places hold special meaning that can be captured over time through photography.

I don't get to the park as much as I used to, but last weekend we met up with Liam's oldest friend (literally!) for a play date and the boys had fun scooting up and down one of the paths. They were given strict instructions about the limits of how far they were allowed to go and they kept to them!

And yes, Jack did lag behind a little but he did a pretty good job of keeping up.


Photo tip

If you can get your kids doing a repetitive activity such as scooting up and down a path, you get repeated opportunities to capture them in action.