When I asked Liam what his favorite thing about pre-K was he said "Jack." And that was one of my favorite things too! Jack got to drop Liam off at school almost everyday and became an honorary member of the class, as comfortable as any of the other kids with picking an activity to start the day with, sometimes with Liam but often not.

My mom would text me photos of Jack engrossed in this station or that and the teachers were so welcoming and let him participate for a few minutes before he headed home or to his preschool. Some days he even helped set out the cushions for morning meeting!

This photo was taken of the two of them on the last day of pre-school, as I wanted to capture something I know I will always want to remember about this time. Of course I also have photos from his "graduation" ceremony and with teachers and the whole class but this moment is every bit a part of my graduation memories too.

Photo tip

When photographing a big event, don't forget to capture the details and natural interactions as well as the big moments.