As a professional photographer, I have all kinds of tricks up my sleeve for getting young kids to pose naturally without actually asking them to pose.

But when it comes to my kids, I don't necessarily want to be "on" like that, besides which, it is always much harder to get your own kids to cooperate, right?!

As a result, my highly photographed five-year-old is always the one complaining in the group photo that he hates having his photo taken, and he also displays no ability to pose like a normal person on the rare occasion I ask him to. In fact, he is much better at posing for others!

Here's what happened when I asked him to pose the other weekend with his brother

Kind of cute and hilarious but not the kind of photo I need a whole lot of.

The fact is, I don't want to play "professional photographer" with my kids and I don't want to train them to pose for me. When I'm with my kids I want to wear my "mom" hat and enjoy them just as they are.

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