Jack just turned two-and-a-half and we are starting to venture out stroller-less. This endeavor has been greatly aided by his newly developing scooter skills, plus the fact that we bought a new bigger scooter for Liam. Beware the streets of Brooklyn!

Last weekend I wanted to test out our new-found mobility so we took a little trip up Vanderbilt Ave to Ample Hills Creamery, one of our local ice cream hot spots. Liam got a dark chocolate ice cream cone and Jack opted for strawberry.

Liam polished off his ice cream pretty quickly but Jack was slower with his spoon... and then generously shared his remaining portion with both Liam and me!

We're not talking one or two spoonfuls here, we're talking at least 20 tiny tastes!

Don't worry, Jack still got to enjoy his ice cream too.

Photo tip

Ice cream is a great photo prop! It will keep your kids stationary and happily occupied while you snap away. Try positioning them and their ice cream near a window if you are indoors, or in the shade if you are outside. If you are too close, step back - for the first photo I sat in the next booth and got down to their level.

A collage can be great to capture a mini-sequence and many expressions of ice-cream enjoyment, and don't forget to look for the big natural smiles!

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