The first thing Jack asks when he wakes up is to see his brother. At the end of the day when I ask Liam what his favorite part of the day was, he invariably says "Littles." They are on top of each other constantly, and yes, while half the time it is to beat each other up, I consider it to be part of their closeness!

Last weekend was jam packed with activities that I didn't want to carry my DSLR for (I took the boys on our first stroller-less trip to the park three miles away which was... interesting) so I was left taking my photo for the week early Monday morning. I did not know what would unfold but then Jack climbed on top of Liam while he pretended to sleep and I captured this moment.

Photo tip

If you don't have much light, crank your ISO up as high as you can. Your camera may even have high ISO settings that you can turn on (check your camera manual). Your photo will be more grainy but the results will likely still be better than with your pop-up flash, especially if you convert to black and white.

You will need to be shooting out of auto to be able to control your ISO. Alternatively, your point-and-shoot might have a low light or high ISO shooting mode. And your iPhone will automatically adjust for you.