Last weekend the kids spent literally four hours straight at the playground! This is the sweet spot between freezing cold and hot and humid and it doesn't last long in NYC. We all savored a leisurely morning outside and I took the opportunity to break out my 85mm lens for a different look than my usual beloved 50mm lens.

Photo tip

I get a lot of questions from Photosanity parents about lenses. I always recommend the 50mm f/1.8 as the best lens the least money can buy, and many parents also enjoy having a 35mm or 28mm for a wider angle, especially with a crop sensor camera. (Zoom lenses of the same quality are more pricey.)

You can get a ton of variety in your shots with just one lens, but sometimes switching lenses can help get you out of a rut. A longer lens such as an 85mm, 100mm or 135mm gives you photos with a different look - more flattering (especially for adults - kids tend to look adorable no matter what) with a shallower depth of field. Yes you have to have room to step back but as your kids get older you can be more comfortable doing so, even in NYC!