Summer is here! Or at least my kids think so, and were thrilled to jump into the kiddie pool at grandma's last weekend and did not even flinch at how cold the water was. (I declined to jump in with them thank you very much!)

Of course, shooting conditions were not ideal, it being midday on a bright sunny day with no shade, but in this case it adds to that feeling of summer (and in fact probably makes it look way warmer than it actually was, although it was definitely one of the hottest days so far this year).

My favorite thing about this photo is Jack's face and the water pouring out of his cup and captured mid air. And Liam's goggles of course. He had fun practicing going underwater (yes in 6" of water!).

Photo tip

Very few professional photographers are going to schedule a natural light shoot for midday if they can help it. The light is much better in the early morning or late afternoon.

But life happens 24/7 right? Look for good light where possible, but if not, capture the moment anyway and use the light to your best advantage. Here the bright sun adds to the ambiance of the photo, and I avoided any really weird or harsh shadows, or having one child in the sun and one in the shade which can be more distracting.

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