Last weekend was Easter weekend, and while I knew it would pretty much be pointless, I did try anyway for a nice photo of the two boys with their Easter egg baskets after the egg hunt in grandma's backyard.

Ha! Jack was proud and excited to pose with his basket but Liam was too busy checking out his loot. By the time he joined Jack for the photo, Jack was fed up and put on his complaining face. Also, I couldn't persuade them to stand in the shade so they were in direct sunlight.

I do have some shots of the above scene, but for my photo of the week I am instead going to share this more natural moment after the hunt.

Photo tip

If your kids aren't cooperating with posing, don't push it. You will only get them and yourself more frustrated and ruin the moment. Instead go with the flow, let them be, and capture whatever unfolds naturally.

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