Raise your hand if you're excited about spring! Me!

Yes, we were back at Pratt this past weekend and yes, Liam was in short sleeves! We picked up some large poster boards and crayons on the way over, spread out a blanket and I dusted off my 85mm lens, backed up a little and captured Liam and Jack hard at work.

Of course, Liam complained three seconds later that he was too hot in the sun and so we moved to the shade!

Photo tip

As much as I recommend shooting in open shade, the shade we had available was just too shady and the backlighting I captured in this photo was much more captivating.

The boys didn't know it but I actually set this shot up quite deliberately, checking out the direction of the sun and positioning them so other picnickers would not be in the background.

The blanket and art activity were perfect for getting them a) in the same frame, b) still, and c) engrossed - not something my active boys would otherwise have any interest in cooperating for!

My 85mm lens allowed me to get back a little farther and leave them relatively undisturbed. And of course I got down low to shoot at their level for more of a child's view.

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