Liam has been playing chess on the Kindle lately... there is a "child" setting that teaches him all the moves and also allows him to "undo" and go backwards if he doesn't like how a move turns out! So he was very excited when we visited a local cafe that we haven't been to in a while and he saw that they had a chess set.

Of course Jack wanted to help set up the board, which gave me the perfect opportunity to capture my sibling photo of the week.

It turns out that chess provides some great photo opportunities!

Here, Liam is filled with glee as he captures one of my pieces. (Is that my Queen?!)

And of course he got so upset every time I captured one of HIS pieces that I had to let him take all his pieces back AND help him with his winning strategy. I did at least force him to make only legal moves with his pieces.

The triumphant "winner":

Photo tip

We deliberately moved from a darker booth towards the back of the cafe to the one by the window when it became available, purely for photographic purposes. When you go out and are planning on taking photos, be as strategic as you can about looking for natural light without driving your family too crazy. On the plus side, natural light creates a more pleasant experience for everyone whether you are taking photos or not!

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