Almost five years ago to the day, I bundled my six week old baby up into his car seat and ventured out in the rain to my first new mom's luncheon hosted by Chana Balk (now a new mom of three and owner of MoveItMomma). I met Jane Marie, another new mom with a baby just a week or two younger than Liam… and last month we both celebrated five years of parenting!

I think of Jayden as Liam's oldest friend, and while we live in close by but different neighborhoods and they go to different schools, they have kind of grown up together as, probably more than with any other family, we've had consistent play dates for the past five years.

I also think of Jane Marie as the first Photosanity parent. When I became a family photographer, she was one of the first families I photographed, and when I came up with the idea for Photosanity, she was the first person to review and give me feedback on my course outline. She took the first workshop back in spring 2011 and has been a huge supporter ever since.

One of the things that characterizes Photosanity parents is that they love being a parent and want to create the best experience they can for their kids. Of course, this manifests itself in different ways for each of us, but I was struck by this when we went to Jayden's birthday party at the Brooklyn Robot Foundry and I saw all of the amazing features that Jane Marie created for the party, including absolutely the most adorable cupcakes I have ever seen… and I knew I was going to have to blog about it!

Aren't these cupcakes amazing? The robot heads are marshmallows. Who even knew that edible silver spray paint existed? The kids loved them too and couldn't keep their hands off them.

The party was shared with another birthday boy from Jayden's class and his mom made these fantastic robot cookies!

Everything was a robot. Check out the party favors!

And these are just a select few of the details at the party - there were robot wrappers for the juice boxes, robot snack bags, even the fruit was served in containers shaped like robots!

And oh yeah, then there was the actual robot making activity. Liam, as happens so often, was a reluctant group activity participant to start with, but I was able to coax him into participation (which meant putting the camera away for a bit). The "robot" was actually a parachute made out of a coffee cup, coffee filter and pipe cleaners. Passenger aliens were made out of pom poms and googly eyes… and then the real fun began, launching the parachutes up through a wind tunnel! As you can see, Liam had an absolute blast.

Seeing his face and capturing his reactions was priceless.

There was also a parachute drop. Here Jane Marie and Jayden (with his dad in the background) are watching the parachutes fall.

And then it was time to eat those robot cupcakes!

Finally, here is my official sibling photo for the week… at the after party at Jayden's house. I love how they are both so concentrated on building.

Photo tip

I didn't take nearly as many photos at Liam's birthday party as I did at Jayden's - it's hard when you are hosting.

Enlist a friend or hire a professional photographer

if you can. Either way, make sure all those


you were up into the middle of the night creating are well documented along with the kids and their reactions.

Thank you so much for a great party Jane Marie and happy birthday to Jayden!

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