I'm not sure when, but for several months now, Jack has this thing where he wants to "hold Goh Goh" (Goh Goh is Chinese for older brother) so Keith came up with a way that Liam can put his legs over Jack's and be "held" without, you know, totally crushing Jack.

It is adorable.

It also hearkens back to the days when Jack was a baby and Liam was always asking to hold him.

Last weekend was a busy one filled with birthday parties and other social events so I didn't get to take my weekly sibling photo until early in the week - and I was restricted to an early morning or late evening moment.

So this photo of Jack "holding Goh Goh" is brought to you courtesy of 6am after we switched to daylight savings time (ie it was pitch black outside).

Photo tip

When you don't have much light, crank your ISO way up high on your DSLR. Check your manual as you may even have an "ISO expansion" setting that will allow you to go extra high. Yes, your photo will be grainy and the colors will not be great, but convert to black and white and embrace the grain!

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