I am really loving my weekly sibling photo project.

As a working mom, my time with the kids, especially during the week, is limited, so when it comes to the weekend, I am particularly anxious to make the most out of my time with them.

Not only that, but AskMoxie recently wrote a blog post about the "daily slog" and for me, photography saves me. Photography saves me from feeling like it's a daily slog. Photographing my kids gives me daily joy and delight, helps me focus on the positive, and builds my confidence that yes, my children are happy and loved.

Photography helps to keep me in the moment. At the end of the day it gives me something to show for it. Photography gives me the lens through which I can look for and create for myself and memorialize the incandescent moments that reward the hard work.

Like this moment at brunch last weekend after we successfully survived a tantrum on the way to the toy store (yes, the toy store!!!) and a 20 minute wait for a table. Yes, I took two preschoolers out for Sunday brunch at crowded Brooklyn hotspot Aita by myself while my husband had to work.

Liam got to work on his new Lego set and Jack was fascinated by his new train... and I was able to step back and slip behind a window and watch. It was a wonderful moment that I know I will treasure along with all the other weekly moments I am capturing that would otherwise evaporate into thin air.

Photo tip

Get your kids situated and occupied and then get out of your seat, walk around, find the best angles. This works for many situations and not just restaurants!

Join me in my year long weekly sibling photo project and share your photos with the Peer-to-Peer Facebook group. Become part of the group - membership is free with a purchase, past or current, of any one of the Photosanity workshops.