The boys recently received a gift of a Duplo Pirate set, and I had the bright idea of having them play with it together.

First they played together nicely.

Then Jack cried.

Then Liam cried.

I separated them and gave Jack the pirate ship and Liam the island.

I know, I was surprised that Liam settled for the island too. But before long, Jack needed help fixing the boat and Liam was happy to oblige.

And then they were playing nicely and that was the moment that I want to remember.

My husband was recently looking at my sibling photos from this year and joked about how it looks like they actually get along. The fact is that they do... except when they don't. Tempers run high, but so does love. I use photography to focus on the good, but sometimes it's important to remember the not so good, because ultimately it's all part of who they are and ultimately it's all good.

And sometimes the calm after the storm seems like nothing short of a miracle and all the sweeter as a result.