I'm always looking for quintessential moments that sum up my boys, their personalities, our lives right now. And one quintessential element to babyhood and early toddlerhood is the crib.

With over four years of continued use (when Liam moved out of the crib, Jack moved in!) I know it is going to bittersweet when this thing gets retired. For now, it still happily contains sweet Jack... and is used as a climbing structure for Liam when he is channeling Spiderman.

Best though is when Liam climbs in to join Jack in the morning or, in this case, after nap time, and the two of them giggle and hug and wrestle and play with their Superhero toys.

These are the days...

Oh, and the yellow wall was a color we picked out when I was 8 months pregnant with Liam.

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