Last week we got hit by an unexpected snow storm. Ok, even if the weather people expected it, it felt unexpected because the day before it was 43F and we were outside without coats on!

School was not cancelled and I was without childcare so I was the one who got to attempt to push the stroller along the unshoveled sidewalks with snow still falling heavily. It was hilarious! I quickly realized we would never make it to Liam's school and back, so luckily Jack's preschool let us drop him off early.

Then it was just Liam and I, running through the snow. His excitement petered out fast and by the end I was practically dragging him!

I also unexpectedly had to rush home to do pick-up. Better prepared, Liam and I hopped on a bus for a couple of stops and got to Jack's preschool in plenty of time for Liam to play in the snow, help clear off the steps and railings and generally have a blast.

Even Jack, not previously much of a fan of snow, declined the stroller in favor of walking.

Of course, I was dying to get my camera to capture their excitement and enjoyment (and my sibling photo for the week), but by the time we got home, Liam was too cold and wet to play much more. I didn't get too many sibling photos but I did get this one.

Here you can see Liam a) taking his snow clearing responsibilities seriously and b) looking much more droopy than when he started!

I got a handful more just of Liam, but then I got to photograph Jack for a while... the late afternoon soft winter light reflected off the snow combined with his bright red coat and hat and the snow flakes still falling through the air was to die for. Gorgeous.

It was perfect.

I know everyone is tired of winter but the whole day was an unexpected gift that these photos help me treasure, and for which I am very grateful.

Photo tip

Use photography to help you make the most out of the moments you have with your kids, both planned and unexpected. Even as a working parent you have more opportunities than you think, when you are open to finding or creating them.