I remember my first visit to the New York Transit Museum. I was expecting something very kid-oriented, which of course it is, but I was blown away by the exhibit of subway cars from across time. Riding the subway is to me such a quintessential part of New York life. A typical New York commuter might spend 375 hours a year on the Subway, which is the equivalent to over 9 working weeks! That is a lot of hours.

So it kind of took my breath away to stand inside a real live subway car from over a hundred years ago, or from the 1940s or even the 1960s - from any period of time really - and to imagine what it was like to ride the subway, and live in New York, then.

It had been a few years since that visit and Jack is really into trains right now so last week I took the boys and we had a great time exploring the exhibits, "driving" buses.... and seeing the historic subway cars (although Jack couldn't understand why they weren't moving!).

And as a bonus, it turned out there was a free workshop for kids to design and build a prototype for their own vehicle. They had a lot of great materials including blank boxes, wheels, ribbon, stickers and metallic tape that encouraged open ended yet easy creativity. Liam made a submarine.

All in all it was a great visit, highly recommended even if you don't have kids. The New York Transit Museum is located at Boerum Place in Downtown Brooklyn.