As anyone who has taken any of my workshops knows, I recommend the 50mm f/1.8 lens as the best portrait lens the least money can buy that can give you the "subject in focus, background blurry" look, also known as shallow depth of field.

But I also get questions from my 50mm users asking what the NEXT lens they should get that allows them to get more in the frame without stepping back so much. This is a particularly pertinent question for New Yorkers who often don't have much indoor space to step back into!

So, after the 50mm I recommend a 35mm or even a 28mm or 24mm lens.

This photo was taken with my 35mm, which also allows me to get closer to my subject than my 50mm. At this crowded cafe, it enabled me to photograph Liam and Jack while sitting right next to them! As a mom, I find it is a great lens for capturing those moments when my kids are in my face or, in some cases actually on top of me while I photograph them as in these photos from the summer.

My 35mm is also my go-to lens for group photos, especially when there are other parents photographing the same group with their phones - with a 50mm you won't be able to get far enough away without having other parents in the photo. In fact, even a 35mm may not be wide enough for that - be ready to either yell at everyone to get out of the way or to whip out your phone yourself!

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