There's nothing like a good, kid friendly neighborhood restaurant with interesting light and decor! I love that in Brooklyn you can eat out with your kids and still get decent food, and local pizzeria Speedy Romeo is a favorite.

Pizzeria doesn't even really cover it. It's a restaurant that serves great pizza and other dishes, not to mention one of the most delicious chocolate desserts on the planet. Real grownups go there without kids, even!

And yes, I love photographing the kids there. There is great light at lunch or early evening (we went at 5pm when I took these photos) although I do like to strategically influence our seating if I can. Not only do the kids get engrossed in pizza but these are also great memories of a much loved place.

This week's photo tips (long time Photosanity parents will be quite familiar with these!)

1) Photograph your family's much loved places you'll want to remember years from now.

2) Get your kids engrossed in something they love.

3) Get down low.

4) Enjoy your pizza!