Capture their personalities (sibling photos week 3/52)

I've heard little boys described as something to the effect of "noise covered in dirt." To that I'd have to add "in motion." My boys never seem to stop moving, particularly Liam, who likes to channel Spiderman by climbing and leaping from things.

Of course, this is particularly a challenge in the winter (hello 8F polar vortex!) but we are lucky enough to have one floor of our small brownstone dedicated to the kids and they can run back and forth from each other's room.

The past few weekends I've been getting back into the habit of getting out my DSLR when we're at home, letting them just play and do whatever, and, in between refereeing, seeing what unfolds. These are my favorite moments to capture - when you can see their true personalities.

This photo captures these play times perfectly. They love to climb the couch and slide around on it (the leather is very slippery), Jack following Liam's lead as they expend energy wherever they can.

Photo tip

To really

capture your child's personality, let them play uninterrupted

. Play is the essence of childhood, and you'll take photos that show them as they really are and will bring back so many memories in the future.

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