As I looked over my photos from last year for our holiday card, one thing that struck me was that I didn't have as many sibling photos as I would have liked.

Let's face it, sibling photos are hard, especially when you have an active four-year-old and one-year-old, neither of whom is particularly inclined to sit still or be cooperative.

However, Jack is two now and he has started preschool - it's just two days a week but I see a big difference in how he interacts and plays, plus he is really starting to talk a lot more. As a result, the boys are starting to play and interact more as two kids rather than an older kid and a baby.

I am really enjoying seeing their relationship develop, listening to them have actual conversations, and being able to step back and let them entertain each other.

So this year I have decided to focus on sibling photos, and to share a DSLR sibling photo each week here on the blog as a "52" project.

To kick off the year right, this photo is from New Year's Day at grandma's house. This was a totally spontaneous, unplanned, undirected, unposed moment (my favorite kind) that came about naturally as the boys were playing before dinner.

I love how little kids are so comfortable playing on their tummies. And at an age where there is still a lot of parallel play, I love this moment of interaction.

Photo tip

Photosanity parents know

I say this a lot


get down low to photograph your kids from their level

. It gives your photo a more intimate feel than shooting from "grown-up level" above.

Join me for a 52 project

Like the idea of a "52 project" of sibling photos? I invite you to participate with me! If you have one child, try a "friends and family" theme with the focus on photographing your child interacting with others.

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