As you know, my photo-a-day project has been one of the most rewarding projects I have done as a parent AND a photographer. Photosanity parents love this project too and ever since I shared my one year canvas that I made with all the photos from Liam's first year, I've had a lot of interest in making this available to others.

So I am very pleased to announce that the 365 canvas is now available from ShutterCal as a result of our ongoing collaboration.

I designed the canvas and ShutterCal figured out a way to make it really easy for you to order. Once you have a year's worth of photos, all you need to do is select the first date you'd like your canvas to start with (it doesn't have to be Jan 1 or even your child's birthday - pick any date that makes sense for you).

Several Photosanity parents have already ordered their canvas and we'll be featuring some of them on the blog in the future. I know others are using the canvas as an incentive to keep up with the project.

If you have a year of photos already, you can order your canvas here (make sure you are logged into your ShutterCal account).

If this is just the motivation you need to start a photo-a-day project, check out the Photosanity + ShutterCal bundles designed to set you up for success.

And join us in the Photosanity Peer-to-Peer Facebook group for added support.