When I was pregnant and in my third trimester, I remember having a panic about sleep, and buying four or five books covering various philosophies on sleep.

Liam turned out to be a relatively good sleeper, and my friend Chana of MoveItMomma was a great personal resource and support, but I still spent hours reading those books and researching the topic online. My google searches invariably lead me to AskMoxie where I devoured information and first hand accounts of how to survive sleep regressions at various stages.

With Jack at 21 months now, we are fortunately out of the worst of the sleep issues of that first year, but for those of you still in the midst of it, I am thrilled to share MoxieTopics with you - a series of PDFs from Magda Pecsenye of AskMoxie. Magda distills everything you need to know about sleep and other parenting topics into short reads that are both informative and confidence building.

I have read the first four MoxieTopics and I LOVE them - I wish I'd had these to save me all the reading and research I did for myself. If you have a baby, even if it's your second or third baby, or you have a friend who does, these are well worth the remarkably minimal cost. You can either read these first, then decide if you want to do more reading by getting some of the books she cites, or if you've read the books but are still confused, these are a great summary and supplement.

Is this thing? No, it's not just you, from birth through age 2.

AskMoxieI would start with this one as a general primer on what might be ahead and at what stages you might expect some bumps in the road. It is based heavily on the Wonder Weeks, which is a book I read and recommend, but this PDF is a much quicker read and also a great accompanying cheat sheet even if you have read the book, with the added benefit of other sources as well as very practical and experienced advice on how to apply this knowledge, even if you are in a sleep deprived haze.

Sleep Regression Intensive

AskMoxieIf you are deep into sleep struggles (and what new parent isn't?!) this MoxieTopic goes into more detail on sleep regressions.

It also includes a variety of strategies for coping without actually prescribing a sleep training method.

If you're wondering why everything will be going great with sleep and then rapidly disintegrate even though you've been doing exactly the same thing, this MoxieTopic will reassure you that this is normal and not the result of you doing something wrong, or there being something wrong with your child.

Tension Increasers and Tension Relievers

AskMoxieAlso for those of you deep into sleep struggles, this is not a concept I remember reading about, but it helps you determine whether "crying it out" (a term I hate) is right for YOUR child or not.

It also helps you understand your child better as far as whether crying releases tension for them or only escalates it.

Problem Solving Procedure


This might just be my personal favorite, because I am through most of the sleep stuff at this point. This MoxieTopic gives you three different frameworks that you can use to solve problems.

She uses sleep as an example of how many different problems can add up to one giant overwhelming mess and breaks down how you can go about addressing the situation, but this can be applied to any situation not just in parenting but in life.

About Magda

Magda's mission in life is to help you see that "you have everything in you that you need or will ever need to be a great parent. You are the best parent for your child." And on a personal note, Magda has been an amazing friend and fellow entrepreneur over the past year that I have come to know her.

Check out MoxieTopics and her blog - Magda works magic with problem solving and empowerment in a way that is very straight forward, down to earth and wise.