New York City mom Avanee Patel uses photography to capture the moments with her 3-year-old daughter and 5-month-old son. She took the Photosanity Workshop in Spring 2011 and calls it "the best thing I have ever done."

As a mom working full-time outside the home, Avanee felt like she was missing moments with her daughter so she started the photo a day project through the Photosanity Workshop. This project helped her realize she had many special moments when she came home and was able to capture these daily and share with family and friends.

We talked with Avanee about how she captured the moment in the winning photo.

Prior to Photosanity, what was your biggest photo frustration?

There were so many but if I have to choose the biggest frustration it was organization and usage - I had so many photos randomly stored and never ever looked at them again.

What photo are you most proud of?

One of the pictures I am most proud of is when I caught my daughter looking out the window and got a close up of her face and the light in her eyes.

My most fun photo, and one of the best photo taking moments I've had, was when my daughter wanted me to put her little baby brother in her bed with her to cuddle. I snapped many shots of them together cuddling on her bright pink bed, and of course I got some with her squeezing his cheeks (which she loves to do).

About the winning photo...

Why is this photo special to you?

This was the first time my daughter was eating spaghetti. It was so much fun watching her eat the pasta strand by strand and get messy. The light was coming in through the windows and I ran to get my camera to capture this moment. I am glad I did because looking at this picture I can remember how much she enjoyed this experience and how much I did too!

Do the photo challenges encourage you?

Absolutely! After the Photosanity Workshop I tried to capture pictures with emotions and meaning. As time passes and my days get busier, sometimes I don't keep my mind 'ready' to take a picture. The PADF challenges help keep me 'ready to capture the moment.'

How Avanee captured the moment...

Camera: Canon Rebel T2I

Lens: 50mm

Settings: f/2 ISO 1000, 1/60

Getting the shot: I was just enjoying watching her and then noticed how beautiful the lighting was and ran to get my camera. I took a few shots and liked this one the best because of her eyes.

Do you plan to do something special with this photo?

I sent it to grandparents and would like to print it out to put in our album.

About the photo challenge

The Photosanity PADF (Photo-a-Day Friday) Challenge takes place weekly in the Photosanity Peer-to-Peer Facebook Group. Each Friday a photo theme is set and photos are due the following week. Detailed feedback is given on three selected photos and a winner is chosen.

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