A recent photo challenge theme in the Photosanity Peer-to-Peer Facebook group was "summer" which is of course was a very broad and open theme, but seeing those and other recent photos from the group has had me thinking about what a great time summer is for experiences, photos and memories.

Many of my favorite summer photos and memories since I met my husband have been from the times we've spent at his Uncle and Aunt's house by a lake in Connecticut. Only a 90 minute drive away, we've spent many summer days up there (as well as other days year round). The kids in the family, all Liam and Jack's cousins, love it, and it has been so great to see our kids get to have that same experience.

Keith recently took Liam on his first fishing trip up to the lake, and Liam was so excited! They caught 17 fish (all catch and release) and the trip was a huge success. We were up there for July 4th also and Liam spent about five hours in the lake swimming around in his life preserver and had to be dragged out for dinner - he had a blast!

This past weekend we were there again, and Liam "swam" across the lake and back... twice! (Swam, meaning, with a life preserver, and piggy backing on Keith some of the way.) And Jack had a blast throwing a ball for his new best friend Dukes, the Boston Terrier.

Here then are some of my favorite photos from the lake over recent years. If you have a place that you return to over and over throughout the years, pulling together a series of photos across time from the same location can be a great way to reflect and reminisce as well as celebrate the good times.