I have to admit, I don't always keep up with my ShutterCal photo-a-day projects (one for Liam and one for Jack). I have all the photos and eventually plan on back filling, but I totally get it - it's not always easy to keep up on a daily, or even weekly or monthly basis.

But it's so much easier and more satisfying. The months without gaps look so great!

And I'm pleased to say that I'm 100% complete for the last three months.

I'm particularly proud of this month's calendars as this was my first month as a full time working mom. Yes that's right, I am back in architecture! A great opportunity came up so I decided to give it a go, while still continuing to grow Photosanity and of course bring up two kids.

Yes, I know, kind of insane, and as you can imagine it was a tough decision to make, giving up so much time with Liam and Jack. A little heartbreaking, actually. I've loved having the chance to be home with them for much of the time and I've had some of the best years of my life doing so.

Overall though it's a positive move for me, my family and for Photosanity - you will not see any major changes except for continued growth and development. Further, I am now putting to the test for myself in a much bigger way the concept of making the most out of your time with your kids and staying connected to them through photography. I'll be sharing my experiences and what I learn here, on the blog, with my coaching clients and in future workshops.

Case in point is my photo-a-day project. I'm lucky in that not only are my parents here to help with the kids but my father, who as some of you may remember is a serious amateur photographer himself, has taken over capturing the daily moments with the kids when I am not there. It took some trial and error and adjusting but we now have a system set up involving daily uploads to Dropbox so I can see what the kids got up to while I was at work and keep up with my photo-a-day project using a combination of his and my photos.

For those of you that have help with your kids, your child's caregiver may not be a photographer like my dad, but they can still take and share photos with you. I know many caregivers love to take photos of the kids they look after so you might be surprised if you ask. Or they might already be texting or e-mailing you photo updates and it's simply a matter of incorporating some of those photos into your own collection.

And it doesn't have to stop there. Many day cares, preschools and schools take photos on a regular basis that they share with you (we get weekly photos from Liam's preschool) so you can use those photos, as well as any that other friends and family members take - there's nothing that says that you have to be the sole documentarian for your family!

For those of you working outside the home in particular, I'd love to hear from you. What are your challenges? What have you found helps you stay connected to your kids? Leave a comment below!