Has photo organization got you down?

This post is the fourth and last in our current blog post series on summer photo tips. The first blog post was on my top 5 iPhone apps for Photosanity, the second was on what to think about when putting together photo-friendly outfits for your kids, and the third was on stress-free beach photos.

This week, I want to talk about photo organization.

For some people, their photo organization, or rather their lack thereof, is the bottleneck that has them discouraged about taking photos at all, just because downloading them and doing something with them fills them with so much dread that they'd rather not take photos.

This is such a shame!

You can never go back and recapture those moments, so if this is you, I urge you to take the time to address the situation now!

Summer can be a great time to tackle such a project. Maybe you have some down time from work, or maybe you want to wrap up the school year and create an album from the year's photos. Or perhaps the season is inspiring you to get your camera out more and you need a better way of handling the photos.

I covered photo organization pretty well in a series of three posts last year, starting here. (The second post will help you decide which photo organization software to choose - Aperture or Lightroom.)

Get control over your photos.

I also now have the popular Aperture and Lightroom workshops that were given live at the beginning of the year available as online, self-guided workshops.

I've been getting a great response from these workshops and I'm really glad to be able to offer them as an all-in-one solution to the organization issue.

Each workshop includes a complete organization template and system that will literally save you HOURS of frustration.

The system is based on how I organize my own photos but in creating the template, I simplified and automated that system further. Not only have workshop participants been loving it but I myself have been loving it too!

You can read more about the Photosanity Aperture Library Template and the Lightroom version is very similar.

The two pre-recorded webinars are two hours each for either workshop - if you can set aside three evenings that's all it takes to get up and running!

Find out more about the Aperture and Lightroom workshops now.