What a wonderful day! The Brooklyn Baby Expo, held on Sunday by A Child Grows in Brooklyn, was a beautiful day and it was great meeting so many local parents, other businesses and entrepreneurs, and delivering my seminar, Take Better Photos of Your Children & Stop Missing the Moment.

Congratulations to Vincent Cichinski, the winner of our Photosanity + ShutterCal raffle. Vincent is the lucky recipient of a gallery print from ShutterCal of a photo of his choice, professionally edited by me!

Every time I talk with parents about photographing their kids I remember how much it means to all of us to capture the fleeting moments of our children's lives and to share, enjoy and preserve those moments.

I am also reminded of just how busy we all are - and how that makes it even more important, and more special, to take a moment out of every day to enjoy our children and to create photos that they can look back on to remember how happy their childhood was when they are grown.

For busy parents who want more

With this in mind I am excited to announce the launch of the Photosanity Summer Collection. The Summer Collection is full of self-guided workshops designed for busy parents to get the most out of photographing their kids - and to achieve photosanity with strategies for photographing, organizing, editing, sharing and displaying your photos.

See what the Summer Collection can bring to you and contact me with your questions and ideas.

To all of the great moms and dads we met at the Brooklyn Baby Expo -

Remember to take advantage of your 10% discount now through June 15.