Meet this week's PADF Down Low Challenge winner, Amy Kovac!

Amy is a Dallas, Texas, mom to two boys and a girl ages 2 - 6. She first joined the Photosanity community in 2011 to learn how to organize and back up her photos but, as she says "I've gained so much more than an organized photo system! I still have a lot to learn but my photography is so much better and more meaningful now, thanks to Photosanity."

Since taking the Photosanity Workshop in Winter 2011, Amy has taken the online Aperture Workshop and is now getting one-on-one photography coaching.

Amy shares her experience with Photosanity and how she captured the moment with her son in her winning photo.

Prior to Photosanity, what was your biggest photo frustration?

I had a disorganized hard drive full of pictures that were not adequately backed up - it was impossible to find/enjoy my pictures and I lived in fear that I would lose all of them if my hard drive crashed.

With the 12 week workshop, the Aperture workshop and my coaching, ALL of my pictures are safely backed up and my 2013 pictures are perfectly organized in Aperture. I LOVE it! I still have organization work to do on the prior years, though.

What photo project are you most proud of?

I recently completed my first photo book for my son's pre-K class. He "graduated" from preschool and I was the class photographer and put together the photo book for the kids in the class. It turned out to be a really neat keepsake.

My favorite pages are from an art class the kids did - I took an individual picture of each child working on their art project (with my 50mm lens). I loved seeing their different expressions as they worked on their art. I would never have thought to capture them in that way before Photosanity. I would likely have just snapped a few group shots of the kids posing and smiling at the camera.

About the winning photo...

Why is this photo special to you?

Before Photosanity, most (if not all) of my photos were of my kids smiling (or at least some attempt at smiles). I LOVE that Alethea has taught me to appreciate and capture the natural emotions of my children.

My pictures have so much more meaning now and are even more special. I look at the picture of my son Michael laughing and reading his book because it brings me back to that moment and I can remember how he felt and I how I felt watching him. It evokes emotion that I wasn't able to do before with my photography.

I still do take pictures of everyone looking at the camera and smiling but appreciate most the photos when I catch them enjoying/experiencing a moment.

Do the PADF challenges encourage you to photograph more or help you to think about your photography in a new way?

Absolutely. The PADF challenges give my photography a purpose for that week. I take my DSLR out for big events/outings but not necessarily to capture the 'everyday moments.' I like the challenge of trying to capture a moment that fits within the theme and again, it gives me a purpose or reason to use my DSLR more often. Of course, I get busy like all moms so I don't always participate but I like to participate when I can!

Do you plan to do something special with this photo?

It will definitely make my 2013 photo book. I also took the same "shot" with my iphone and texted it to my husband and mother right away. It's so easy to share with my iPhone that I find myself snapping a few pictures with my iPhone after I've used my DSLR, just so I can text/share easily with friends and family.

How Amy captured the moment...

Location: This picture was taken in our family room where the lighting is okay, but not great.

Getting Down Low: My son was reading on the sofa and I heard him laughing. I grabbed my camera and crouched down beside him and snapped several pictures.

He didn't even notice I was there so I had time to play around with my settings a little bit before the moment passed.

Lens: 50mm lens

Settings: ISO 800, f/2 1/125